Car Paint Care

Car Paint Care

Keeping a car in tip top condition is a priority for most owners and whether you’re looking for a new accessory provider, or a spare part distributor – look no further than MotorOne. This brand has been in the business for years and in that time, they’ve developed an incredible variety of car care products and accessories to suits all types of budgets; and with a satisfaction guarantee.

Exclusively provided by MotorOne, there’s one type of paint protection system that has taken the Australian market by storm – and this system is known as Protektiv. Using an incredibly advanced formula, this product is unlike anything else on the market. The manufacturers claim that it’s as tough as nails and as smooth as glass once dried, and they couldn’t be more correct.

It can be polished on like a charm and once set, its unique chemical composition will act to solidify without affecting the undercoat of the vehicle’s colour. Once dried, the patented formula will act to protect the car’s exterior from dings, dirt and even dents! It’s so strong and reliable that MotorOne proudly offer a national lifetime warranty as standard, with any purchase of the product.

When paired with the other types of products that the brand have available, the potential to keep a car looking as good as it operates is amazingly prominent. In fact, MotorOne offer a variety of exclusive products and promotions that aren’t available to online shoppers anywhere else. So, what types of things can you expect from this provider and what is it that makes their products so effective?

Protection like nothing else

If there’s one thing that MotorOne specialise in, it’s their protective products. From exterior surface coating sprays all the way to internal varnishes, when it comes to maintaining the look of a vehicle on the inside and outside, this brand really know their stuff. Now although it is possible to find these types of goods from other sellers, none of them can boast the satisfaction, performance and versatility of MotorOnes’ range of products.

It’s not just the versatility of these products that’s worth thinking about – there’s also the price to consider. As the brand are an Australian company, they are able to extend the cheapest discounts and special offers to Aussie residents. Rather than having to import these types of products from abroad, where various taxation and fees will be charged – residents of the country can instead purchase directly through MotorOne, before enjoying all of the benefits and none of the disadvantages.